This article will help you request additional IPs for your Dedicated Servers, Cloud VPS, and SSD VPS. The same process can be used for each new IP you request.

1. Visit

2. Enter your 100TB username and password. Click "Login".

3. Once you have logged into Console, you can find the IP request page under “Apps” >> “IP Requests” in the menu along the left-hand side of the page.

The IP Request page will look something like this:

**Note: Your past IP requests will be tracked here as well.

4. You will now want to use the “+ Add” button in the menu at the top of your screen.

5. This will open the IP Justification Form.

You will use this form to order your IPs. In the “Detailed Justification for IPs” section please list the domains that will be linked to the requested IPs along with other descriptive information.

6. Once you have completed your request, the form will be reviewed. You will now see the new request with a “Pending” status until the revision is complete.

7. Please be patient for your request to be reviewed and an invoice to be created for your new IPs. This process will usually take less than one hour. Once an invoice is created, you will see the status for your request change to “Billed" and will be notified via email of your recently generated invoice that is now available to be paid.

**Special Note: If any additional information is needed in order to complete your request, the status will be set to “Denied” and you will be updated via ticket. Please check your tickets for any necessary information to complete your order.

Submitting Payment For Your Invoice

  1. Now that your IPs have been invoiced, You will need to make a payment to complete the order and get the IPs assigned to your server. Please follow our tutorial to make a payment here.
  2. Once your payment has been submitted, be sure to update the ticket that is connected to your request.
  3. After updating the ticket, please wait a short time for your new IP addresses assigned to your account. The new IPs will be provided to you within your support ticket and you will see the request status updated to “Allocated.”

  4. Once allocated, your new IP addresses will need to be configured on your server. If you need any additional assistance please update the connected ticket.

Contact Support

If you have questions about this process or others, please contact our support team by opening a chat or by creating a ticket within your Console account.