We strongly recommend that all our customers have backup solution in place for their servers and the data stored on them – especially for production applications. There are many backup options available, including Backup Protection from 100TB which you can purchase and manage directly through your 100TB Console. 

Setting up Backup Protection 

Follow these steps to activate Backup Protection within your 100TB Console account: 

  1. Log into your 100TB Console account.  

  2. Navigate to the Dedicated Servers tab and find the server you want to backup. When you click on the server, you’ll see the Backup Protection tab: 

  3.  Click Configure Backup Protection and choose the amount of storage quota you wish to purchase. 

    NOTE: Storage quota is the total amount of backed-up data you’ll be able to store on the 100TB backup servers. It is important to make sure that you purchase enough quota to store all the restore points you wish to retain. Your quota will depend on your backup schedule and the data retention policy you wish to operate. For example, if you wish to run a backup once per day and retain 28 days’ worth of restore points, then you will need to purchase more storage quota than if you only wish to retain 7 days of restore points. You can find further guidance on Storage Quotas in the knowledgebase article Using Backup Protection.

  4. Click Buy Now. You’ll then be asked to enter the root credentials for your server (Note that these credentials are not your 100TB account credentials). Your root credentials are required to install the Backup Protection agent on your server. Please contact 100TB Technical Support if you do not have your server’s root credentials. 

  5. Click Purchase and DeployPlease note that it may take a few minutes to install the agent onto your server. 

  6. Once the agent is installed, you’ll see a screen like the one below. Read our guide on Using Backup Protection to learn how to set up your backup schedule and restore from backup restore points when necessary.

  7. Please note, your server’s Linux operating system may not include the necessary kernel headers and development packages needed to run Backup Protection without additional setup steps.  If you run into issues, especially on Ubuntu servers, please see the Troubleshooting section in our guide to Using Backup Protection.