Have a service you no longer need or use? You can quickly submit a cancellation in your Console account.

Log into your Account: https://console.100tb.com/#/

Expand the “TOOLS” tray from the menu on the left hand side of your screen, and then click on the “Billing” tab:

When the “Billing” page loads, find the tab at the top and click on “Services”.

You should see a list of your current and active services. If the service is available to cancel, you’ll see a red “Cancel” button to the right of the service.

A confirmation window will then pop-up. You may need to check that you don’t have any pop-up blockers installed on your browser. If you do have a pop-up blocker installed, then allow console.100tb.com to show pop-ups. You must complete the fields with the necessary information in order for the cancellation request to be finalized.

STEP 1: Once you see the pop-up, select a cancellation reason from the drop down.

Continue to Step 2 to complete your cancellation request.


You will see a confirmation notification after clicking “Submit Cancellation”.

Contact Support

If you have questions about this process or others, please contact our support team by opening a chat or by creating a ticket within your Console account.