100TB Network Options

Three different networks. All tuned for the best performance.

The 100TB Network is second to none. Our network engineers have designed, built and maintained a robust and reliable network with the capability to take the strain of any online tasks. Built on Cisco’s industry-leading routing equipment, our network is designed to be fast, robust and secure. Multiple 10Gbs connections to the internet push data at optimal speeds providing bandwidth capabilities which remain unrivalled; our peering exchanges with a range of carrier grade transit providers allow us to maintain a fully redundant high-performance network that can be relied on.


With a port speed of up to 10Gbps, 3.5Tbps network capacity and Tier 1 transit and peering, our network is built to provide the ultimate in high-performance infrastructure.


Following our mission statement, you’ll see no compromise in 100TB’s robust and reliable network. Built from the ground up in durable hardware, our network benefits from Noction optimized routing which won’t let you down.


We provide a true on-demand infrastructure so you have full control of your services. The ability to provision servers—large or small—all via an API or the 100TB Console and have them online within minutes.

Premium Network

Our Premium Network is designed to deliver unbeatable uptime, performance and capacity. Built on multiple fully redundant connections to our Tier 1 backbone carriers, 100TB’s Premium Network gives you the option of 1Gbps, 2Gbps and 10Gbps port speeds so you’re not paying for bandwidth you don’t use. The bandwidth that you are pushing will be maximized by Noction’s intelligent routing platform, which is designed to deliver your data through the fastest route for improved performance. It’s backed by 100TB’s 99.99% SLA, and is available with 100TB (standard), 1Gbps or 2Gbps unmetered and 1PB (10Gbps only) of monthly bandwidth.

  • 1Gbps Premium Network: standard on all bare metal servers
  • 2Gbps Premium Network: from $50.00 per month
  • 10Gbps Premium Network: from $99.00 per month

Volume Network

Our Volume Network is designed to provide a cost-effective service which is both reliable and robust. You can take advantage of over 1Tbps network capacity and unmetered inbound traffic, which is optimized by Noction’s intelligent routing platform to ensure the best in performance and data transfer speed. The 100TB Volume Network is built for reliability using fully redundant premium Cisco network hardware from the rack switch up, providing our customers with unbeatable performance. Available with either 100TB or unmetered bandwidth.

  • 1Gbps Volume Network from -$30.00 per month

Private Network

Our Private Network is uncompromised, enabling servers to communicate at gigabit speed. Additionally, everyone can experience our Private Network without any usage issues; all bandwidth is unmetered. Local DNS Resolvers are provided with our Private Network at no extra cost, and server-to-server connections are completely free.

  • 1Gbps Private Network: -$50.00 per month
  • 10Gbps Private Network: $49.00 per month

Domain Services

We are registry-approved domain name providers and as experts in the configuration of DNS settings we are fully equipped to get you up and running with a powerful website. Contact our sales team for more information on how to register your domain names with us.

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