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Each of 100TB’s networks is designed with four key pillars in mind - security, robustness, performance and scalability. Without one of these pillars, the network doesn’t meet our stringent requirements.

All of our networks are IPv6 enabled and use Cisco’s flagship equipment, which enables our clients to scale to meet their needs without sacrificing security or robustness.

Flexibility & Control
100TB Console

Automating your services is incredibly simple through the 100TB Console. You can do the following:

  • Manage your account
  • Manage and monitor your services
  • Increase security on your account
  • Upgrade your services & purchase add-ons
  • Instantly provision all services from the control panel, including Virtual Servers, Bare Metal Servers, Backups, Server Monitoring, Load Balancers, Firewalls and more.
  • See detailed reports of your bandwidth usage per region, per datacenter & per server
  • Submit support tickets to our experts, who are on hand to help you in any situation


Using our advanced REST API you can execute your mission-critical infrastructure commands instantly. It is a completely free service - you’ll see no request charges, ever. Using the API you can manage all commands: from server to network, and DNS to backups in an instant. In addition, it integrates with every third party application for flexibility.

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Product Automation
Bare Metal Servers & Private Cloud

  • Automated deployment: your bare metal server or private cloud will be up and running within minutes, not days.
  • Easily reboot your systems with full partition control. You can also update BIOS/Firmware in an automated fashion.
  • Monitor all of your bandwidth (hourly, monthly & yearly) with both graphs & full data output.
  • Manage network ports, setup rDNS,  and add IP addresses (including IPv6) automatically.
  • Every single tool is accessible via the API.
  • IPMI is available at all times.

Virtual Servers

  • On-demand deployment: your service is online in seconds.
  • Flexibility: Transfer your nodes between all of our locations.
  • Control: Setup as many private networks as you need.
  • Backup: Take as many server snapshots as you need.
  • Remote: Console into your virtual machine for security.
  • Scalable: Resize your VMs with automatic triggers or on the fly.
  • Analytics: Graphing of all resource points (CPU, Disk, RAM, Bandwidth & more).

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