London Data Center

Intelligent environmental cooling. At the heart of London’s Docklands.

Situated in the heart of the thriving business community of London Docklands, our London data center is a fully owned and operated facility, which benefits from direct connectivity to the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and multiple Tier 1 transit providers in a redundant configuration. Featuring a world-class infrastructure, this data center is the result of our no-holds-barred investment in quality, and is testament to our dedication to delivering impeccable uptime and performance.


Benefitting from London’s uncompromising power grid, the electrical power supply at our London data center is maintained and regulated through a wide range of enterprise-class systems, including:

  • Redundant power grids
  • Multiple generators in N+1 redundant configuration
  • Multi-day fuel reserves
  • UPS battery backups in N+1 configuration


All hardware and data within our London data center is secured with unrivalled vigilance, and backed by a range of rigid systems and protocols for continued peace of mind. These security measures include:

  • 24x7 full proximity digital video surveillance
  • Full perimeter CCTV with PIR motion detection
  • Restricted access with proximity keycard control, forming a rigid two-factor authentication process
  • Locking, restricted access cabinets
  • 24x7x365 NOC support
  • 24x7 on-site security detail
  • Optional managed firewall
  • State of the art VESDA underfloor and overhead aspirating smoke detection system


Our team of in-house data center operations personnel have revolutionized the cooling system at our London data center, with a unique and energy efficient climate control system. Intelligent, adaptable and fully redundant, the cooling system actively contributes to the facility’s impressive PUE of 1.19. Cooling facilitators include:

  • Optimal ambient operating environment
  • N+1 redundant cooling sources for increased reliability
  • Automated intelligent environmental cooling system
  • 30” raised flooring to facilitate underfloor cooling
  • Advanced canopy cold-aisle contained cooling

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