100TB Reseller Program

Start your own hosting business. We built the data centers for you.

Become a 100TB Reseller!

  • Do you have a verifiable website, company name and address?
  • Have you been a 100TB client for at least 30 days?
  • Can you provide first-level technical, billing and accounting support to your prospective clients?
  • Are you able to receive and resolve spam, DMCA and abuse reports?

If you can answer the above questions with a yes, then you have everything you need to become a 100TB reseller.


As a reseller you will have on-the-go flexibility and unmatched control over technical resources, putting you in the driver’s seat.


Services include free unlimited Comodo SSL certificates for secure transactions and our R1Soft backup will store copies of your data for disaster recovery for ultimate peace -of -mind.

Better Margins

More servers equals more profit and bigger discounts as your business grows with the 100TB hosting reseller program.

Discounted 100TB Services

The 100TB.com reseller program gives you exclusive access to discounted services and premium support, as well as sales and marketing tools to help make your business a success. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to ensure your clients get the professional service they deserve without the headache of building your own infrastructure and the operating costs associated with going it alone.

The discounts available to you as a reseller depend on how many servers you are running. The more servers you sell, the larger the discounts you receive from 100TB. Get started today with our easy registration. All we need is some personal information and a few minutes of your time.

Reseller Level

Server Volume


Bronze 5-10 Servers 5%
Silver 11-20 Servers 8%
Gold 21-40 Servers 10%
Platinum 40+ Servers 15%

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