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Powerful servers from 100TB. Large or small, we have it covered.

100TB offers a wide range of high performance Infrastructure as a Service solutions that are tailored to suit a wide range of use cases and budgets. Each solution, whether it’s a small Virtual Server or a multi-location Dedicated Server cluster, is designed to be fast, reliable and highly scalable on-demand through the 100TB API. We strive to deliver each one of our solutions without constraints, so that you can focus on building the best product for your customers while we worry about the rest. You can buy servers, we will quickly provision them and you will be on your way to success with the support of the 100TB team.


100TB’s network is built with industry-leading Cisco hardware for the best performance. Every web server benefits from its innovative design, including its own Cisco skeleton and Noction intelligent routing.


Our web servers are housed in a range of world-class data centers, each of which is designed to provision a fully redundant service built for unbeatable reliability.

Rapid Provisioning

Our rapid provisioning service will ensure your server is online within five minutes, eliminating server deployment waiting times. This is available via the 100TB Console and API for flexibility.

Virtual Servers

Built for speed, our Virtual Servers offer the ultimate in affordable, scalable and high-performance hosting. Powered by the latest in SSD disks in RAID 10, our Virtual Servers are able to run your application seamlessly. Billed by the hour for ultimate flexibility.

From $5.00 per month

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Bare Metal Servers

Our Bare Metal Dedicated Server range provides you with the utmost in performance. Built on our powerful Cisco networks and delivered with enterprise-grade hardware, 100TB’s Bare Metal Servers ensure full control of your environment and true isolation from other users.

From $115.00 per month

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High performance servers need to be combined with a high performance network to give the customer experience you want for your end users. Our global network is designed from the ground up to deliver this.

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Arm your environment with a wide range of software packages from 100TB. We have all mainstream Linux distributions, as well as Windows and all mainstream BSD operating systems, as well as the ability to facilitate custom operating system templates.

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