GPU Servers

Enter the world of high-performance computing.

Harness more processing power with a GPU hosting solution from 100TB. We have partnered with Supermicro and NVidia to provide industry-leading GPU servers, while also offering cost-effective, highly scalable solutions. Create simultaneous computing and a shared workload through concurrent GPU processing to boost your speeds up to tenfold. We now offer GPU servers in SLC, London, Frankfurt, New York, and Amsterdam. Perfect for anyone interested in quickly processing large amounts of data.


While CPUs technically work faster, GPUs work smarter across a huge number of cores at the same time. What the cores lack in speed, they make up for in quantity. GPUs create massive speed advantages when paired with the right CPU.


Our GPU servers come complete with the capacity to expand in the chassis. We can also change the processing units entirely just like our standard server models, so your GPU solution is entirely scalable as your needs increase.


While GPUs handle a simpler load than CPUs, the combination of the two together in an optimized solution can tackle loads as a far more powerful solution than simply adding additional CPUs to your existing hosting infrastructure.

Learn more about harnessing the power of GPU – download our informative white paper here.

GPU Use Cases

Nvidia has currently cataloged more than 600 different ways that GPUs are currently being used. From science and academia to engineering and CAD purposes, increased power and processing speed are attracting many various industries. For example, we can design and deploy GPU solutions for the following industries:

  • Computational Finance
  • Gaming
  • Climate, Weather, and Ocean Modeling
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Federal, Defense and Intelligence
  • Manufacturing/Construction CAD/CAE/CAM
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Medical Imaging
  • Oil and Gas
  • Research: Higher Education and Supercomputing
  • Safety and Security
  • Tools and Management

GPU Options

Choose from 1U or 2U:


  • 2x T4 GPU
  • 128GB memory
  • 2x 1TB NVME
  • Dual 2nd Gen Silver - 4216 CPUs


  • 2x V100 GPU
  • 256GB memory
  • 2x 1TB NVME
  • Dual 2nd Gen Silver - 4216 CPUs
  • Offering a larger storage

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