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Why choose 100TB?


  • Fast, dependable fully owned network
  • Multiple data center locations - you choose!
  • Fully automated dedicated servers
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Next generation control panel
  • Unbeatable customer freebies and resources

The 100TB Network

100TB owns and operates world-class networks in Salt Lake City and London which run on the latest Cisco routing equipment. SoftLayer operated networks utilize Juniper routing equipment. Our networks use only the latest top-of-rack networking equipment from Cisco with each switch having 40Gbps of forwarding capacity. Additionally, we run multiple world-class carriers to all of our data centers where we have an ultra-redundant BGP network. Find out more about our network by clicking here.


Multiple Data Centers

Global 100tb Network

Data centers are the jewel in 100TB’s crown. Our infrastructure is second to none, harnessing the power of Cisco’s high-end networking kit to deliver unrivalled bandwidth capabilities. 100TB also uses capacity at SoftLayer operated data centers, which utilise Cisco and Juniper routing equipment, to deliver high-quality, high-performance hosting for its customers on a global scale. Find out more about our many data centers by clicking here.

Dedicated Server Automation

We provide a true on-demand infrastructure so you have control of every service inside your control panel.

Our powerful Tera Control Panel is focused on usability and automation so you are empowered to make timely decisions. Within the Tera Control Panel you can manage your server, the network, and more.

Through our automation tools we provide you full switch port controls, full IP automation, your own dedicated VLAN, and a full private network.


100TB Support


100TB provides 24/7 support 365 days a year. You can reach us any time by ticket, live chat or phone. We are one of the only providers to have all three options as a support method. You'll have a response within 15 minutes of submitting your ticket and this is all backed by SLA's.

We have data center techs ready to assist you with any hardware issues you may have. We also have a managed service add-on which you can simply add during the order process that helps you if you wish for your un-managed server to be made into a managed server. All of support is in-house and strives for excellence. We have a support team that cares about your business.

Dedicated Server Control

We provide you full control over your dedicated server within our Control Panel known as Tera. Our Tera Control Panel is user-friendly and will allow you to do anything you need to do with your server or account with ease.

All of the dedicated server administration tools are found inside the Tera Control Panel as well as our fully redundant DNS setup and management, SSL certificate management, bandwidth monitoring, OS reload, system reboots, IP management and routing, software license management, full billing/accounting tools and much more.

We also give you the ability inside the Tera Control Panel to order dedicated servers within your account and have them provisioned within 1-2 hours. We believe that providing you more control not only makes sense but gives you the solutions you need to act quickly in today's fast-paced business climate.



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Dedicated Server Backups

Keeping a backup of important data & files is something we all know we should do. It's not until something goes wrong when we realize the value of a backup. To those of you without a backup of your server, we introduce R1Soft Continuous Data Protection.

When you add R1Soft CDP to a server, it takes a replica of your dedicated server and stores it on a backup server in the US or UK - your choice. It then checks for any changes at intervals of your choosing - anything from every 15 minutes to daily.

Changes are saved as recovery points and the original replica can be used along with any of these recovery points to restore your server. This protects you from the consequences of an infected or damaged server.

Maintain Rock-solid Connectivity

Nothing spoils a perfectly good application or business more than an overloaded network or server. Distributing workload efficiently is essential to high-availability, faster response times and overall growth. With 100TB's load balancing solution your peak traffic, failed hardware, or overloaded network nightmares are replaced with peace of mind and hassle-free data delivery.

Using shortest response, IP persistence, least connections, lowest latency and round-robin, the robust 100TB load balancer distributes all traffic requests, including SSL, in optimal fashion across two or more of your most efficient servers. In addition to balancing traffic, load balancers can effectively check overall server health to ensure you're always up even if one server fails.

The 100TB load balancer solution starts at $30 per month for 250 connections but is scalable to millions of connections and transactions. At this aggressive price point you're guaranteed to sleep better at night with a newly found confidence in better conversions, return on investment and, at the end of the day, more money.


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