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Your web hosting business. Without constraint.

Build your own web hosting business on 100TB’s highly flexible on-demand platform. You’ll benefit from full automation via our API, integration with popular third-party applications like WHMCS and complete control over your business via the 100TB Console. Your customers want the best performance, and we’re here to make sure you can deliver. You don’t need to build and maintain your own data centers - just sell any or all of 100TB’s services as though they are your own through our generous Reseller Program.

Global Reach

Our services are available in 20 data centers worldwide, but you know your market better than we do. Take advantage of our global scale to offer unrivalled performance to businesses local to you.


Our entire platform is fully automated and can be controlled via API, command line or the 100TB Console, giving you the opportunity to automate and control every aspect of your own business.


With tens of thousands of servers under our management and no long-term commitment required, you can deliver what your customers require when they need it.

In-A-Box Services

If you’re looking for a turnkey web hosting solution that gives both you and your customers complete control of their services, our In-A-Box Services are just what you need. Our off-the-shelf solutions are highly configurable, integrate well with third party billing systems such as WHMCS, and can be controlled via the 100TB API. Whether you’re looking to set up a shared, cloud or dedicated hosting business, our platform gives you the foundations on which to build your business with confidence and peace of mind.

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Virtual Servers

100TB’s Virtual Servers offer the ultimate in affordable, scalable and high-performance hosting. They’re powered by the latest SSD disks in RAID 10 to give you the best performance and redundancy. Their scalable nature ensures that your customers are billed for what they need, whether that means firing up more virtual cloud servers on demand, or simply increasing the size of their existing virtual servers. Our API will allow you to do both.

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Bare Metal Servers

Our Bare Metal dedicated servers benefit from rapid provisioning and our performance-optimized networks. 100TB’s networks are built, top to bottom, with Cisco’s flagship enterprise networking equipment and are backed with Arbor PeakFlow DDoS protection as well as Noction optimized routing. All of our Bare Metal servers are SuperMicro-powered, and feature the latest Intel CPUs, ultra-fast SSD storage and dedicated network ports to give your customers complete control and isolation from others.

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Private Clouds

Our Private Cloud solutions provide your customers with totally isolated environments which can be used for anything from housing an optimized cluster of private virtual machines to storing your customers’ sensitive data. The 100TB Private Cloud is an extremely flexible and secure environment that gives your customers maximum control over their resources.

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SSL Certificates

We provide unlimited Comodo SSL certificates to our Reseller Hosting partners. This gives you and your customers the flexibility to use as many Positive SSL Certificates as required. Alternatively, you can offer more comprehensive SSL Certificates with Positive Wildcard or Comodo EV available as optional upgrades. You can find out more about our SSL Certificates here.

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Core Platform Features

All 100TB products and services are built with performance in mind. Our fully-owned networks use Cisco’s latest flagship networking gear from top to bottom, while SoftLayer-operated networks use Cisco and Juniper routing equipment. This enables us to deliver 100TB of bandwidth on all our standard bare metal servers as well as an industry-leading 1PB of bandwidth on our 10Gbps network.

We’ve focused on delivering maximum availability, rapid provisioning and the best performance on all 100TB services.


  • Over 2.8Tbps global network capacity
  • No-compromise performance-focused network stack
  • Cisco & Juniper routing equipment
  • 1Gbps Premium Network with 100TB bandwidth as standard
  • Premium, 10Gbps, Volume & Private networks available
  • Noction intelligent routing optimization
  • Up to 1PB monthly bandwidth on our 10Gbps network
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Data Centers

  • Seven 100TB-operated data center facilities in Amsterdam, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City and Salt Lake City
  • Plus 18 SoftLayer-operated data centers spread across the world
  • Full network, cooling & power redundancy
  • Dual power grids
  • Revolutionary cooling design
  • Multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers in our ultra-redundant BGP network
  • 24x7 CCTV monitoring
  • Staffed 24x7 by 100TB engineers
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  • Automated server deployment
  • Automated network configuration
  • Web access via advanced 100TB Console
  • Full 100TB API for white-labelling
  • Design, Deploy & Manage your infrastructure
  • Real-time reporting & monitoring
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  • SuperMicro® server hardware
  • Intel® Xeon CPUs
  • Kingston® memory
  • WD & Toshiba SATA & SAS HDDs
  • Samsung SSDs
  • Support for multiple operating systems
  • Replacement parts stocked for all models
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  • Arbor PeakFlow DDoS protection
  • Enterprise grade hardware firewalls
  • Physical & biometric data center security layers
  • 2-factor authentication across our platform
  • Unlimited SSL certificates
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  • Friendly & experienced staff
  • 24x7x365 support
  • Email, live chat & telephone service
  • 100TB’s 99.99% SLA (Premium networks)
  • Migration assistance
  • Knowledgebase portal
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